Nikola Tesla

The  connection of all three images is TESLA from the famous man Nikola Tesla who is best known for his contiribution to Alernating  current electrical supply system. First one is the google doodle of Tesla's Electric Coil  appeared on Google 10th July 2009 (10th July is Tesla's birthday).Second image show Tesla model S from Tesla Motors. Third is the Serbian 100 dinar unit Tesla for Magnetic field(5th unit of SI standards named after Tesla for measurement of Magnetic field)

Yogoslavian govt  honoured Tesla with  10000000000 Dinar currency which is now obselete

Kenguru cars

Looking very similar to  Tata Nano this is the  first ever electrically powered vehicle designed especially for wheelchair users will become available in the UK soon. Follwing are the features from the company websites
· Environmentally friendly –Completely Green Car delivering long awaited mobility solution for wheelchair users
· Driven directly from a wheelchair – access is via the rear-opening tailgate and steering is by motorbike style handlebar (joystick option will be available in time) Your own wheelchair is secured within the car by an interlocking device
· The current design allows parking rear end to the pavement for easy access and it is an ideal solution to drivers who only undertake journeys to local shops and services
· Because of its weight the Kenguru is classified as a scooter and therefore only a scooter driver’s licence is required to drive Kenguru

 What if Ferrari make a bike?? Well Ferrari didn’t make one :)
Amir Glinik  an independent designer from Israel  famous for his came up with Ferrari themed bikes

The futuristic V4 machine is powered by half of a Ferrari engine, taken from one of the company's V12 supercars. (Web references says Glinik has cut it from V8 Engine:)The engine features ride-by-wire throttle control and is mated to a mono-block gearbox that support the swing arm. Glinik also armed the bike with height-adjustable suspension via a central hydraulic motor, a tank-mounted touch screen which allows access to the bike's GPS data and diagnostic system, and hand controls based around an F16 fighter jet.