Ducati bikes

1.What is the Name of first engine developed by Ducati which went  on to use in first motorcycle?
    Cucciolo means puppy.(Exhaust sounds like a Puppy)
2.Before becoming a motorcycles what was Ducati Making off?
   Radio Parts
3.Head Quarters of Ducati?
4."The specific purpose of the desmodromic system is to force the valves to comply with the timing diagram as consistently as possible. In this way, any lost energy is negligible, the performance curves are more uniform and dependability is better",Who  said it?
   Fabio Taglioni (Famous designer of Ducati)
5.What is the businuss model in which Ducati shares 10% of its revenue ?
  "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" ,Ducati Corse (Racing Company)
6.Who is taking Ducati in MotoGP 2011?
   Valentino Rossi (9  time world Champion)
7.What is the bike's Name Ducati released to honour Mike Hailwood ?
   The MH900e was a low-production bike. The name means Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione
8.Who is sponsering Ducati in 2010 SBK(Super bike World Championship
9 What is Ducati model displayed  in movie Tron legecy?
   Ducati Sportclassic Sport 1000
What was the name of Fabio Taglionis first bike, which was named after a Catholic celebration?
   Marianna--so nicknamed because Taglioni's 1955 design was approved for production during the Catholic celebration of St. Mary

Nissan Motors

1. Which UK automobile company did Nissan partner with?
 2. Nissan’s prestigious cars, Skyline and Gloria, were developed in partnership with:
 3. Which company is referred to as the brother company of Nissan?
 4. Apart from manufacturing cars, Nissan once owned a:
 Mobile phone brand
 5. What was the name of Nissan’s luxury brand of cars?
 6. What was Nissan called before its current name?
7.Who is the current President and Co-chairman of Nissan?
Carlos Goshn
8.Nissan's which Engine has featured among 'Wards 10 best Engines for straight 14 years?
Nissan VQ Engines
9.What is the backronym for Nissan 'LEAF'?
Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car (LEAF)
10. What is the first battery Electric Vehicle of Nissan?
Nissan Altra


1.The first fully indigenous car of India is-
2. In the name Wagon­R, 'R' stands for..
3.Which was the first car manufactured in India-
4. Premier automobiles assembled the De Soto and Plymouth cars in association with which company in 1946?
5.With whom did BMW , the luxury car manufacturer from Germany sign an agreement for a manufacturing plant but later retreated ?
   The Munjals Group
6.Where is the Plant of BMW located in India
   Chengalpet ,Mahindra World city,Chennai
7.What was the orginal name of Force Motors
   Firodia Tempo Ltd founded by N.K Firodia in 1958 (Pune)
8.Name the Commercial Vehicle company started in 1948 and owned by Hinduja group.
  Ashok Leyland
9.Who is the President of SIAM
 Mr Pawan Goenka (President of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd)
10.Which French Auto gaint made JV with PAL in 1993 and later backout from the JV.(Hint: 309)

Mahindra & Mahindra

  1. Connect Mahindra & Mahindra with M.K.Gandhi

  1. Engine plant of Mahindra at Igatpuri was formally inaugurated by Whom?
    Hint (Then the President of Automobiles Peugeot of France)
  1. In the year 1988 with which company did  mahindra  sign an Mou to start production of LCV's in  Andhra Pradesh
  2. 60  Vehicles,600000 Rupees on 60th aniversary of mahindra's formation.Which vehicle we are talking about?
  3. Below is the Old logo of Mahindra.Which vehicle's tyre has been symbolised in the same

  1. What was the model mahindra ventured  along with Mitsubishi?
  2. "Worlds biggest little vehicle",Powered  by Hurricane Engine,Which model  we are talking about?
  3.  Best Selling SUV of India for last 4 consecutive years?
  4. Which is this unfamous model means 'Globe Trekker'? 

  1.  Name  minimum 20 models of mahindra other than scorpio,xylo and Bolero
  2. Ford Escort was produced in which of mahindra's Plant.?
  3. The first Willys Overland Jeep built in which Assembly Plant ?
  4.  What is the first Tractor Mahindra launched?
  5. What is 57 means in 575 DI Tractors
  6. What is the meaning of "Verito'

  1. Mahindra & Mohammad (Initial Name of mahindra and mahindra ) Started operation on 2nd Oct which is the B'day M.K Gandhi.The same day is celebrated as "Founder's day"
  2.  Jean Boillot
  3. Allwyn Nissan Limited
  4. Mahindra Legend (Sale was by invitation)
  5. A Tractor
  6. Voyager (Mini Van)
  7. CJ 3B and CJ 4
  8. Bolero
  9. Globe Trotter
  10. Camper,Marshell,Commander,Major,Thar,Tourister,Geo,Genio,Maxximo,Load king,Armada,Legend,Maxx,
Bolero pickup,Maxxi pickup,Globe trotter,Verito,Alpha,Bijlee,Cab king DI 3500,Invader,

  1. Nasik Plant
  2. Mazagaon, Bombay.
  3. Sarpanch
  4. The first two digits signifies the BHP of the tractor and the last digit  which is common to all tractor  is the lucky No
  5. Truth(