Ducati bikes

1.What is the Name of first engine developed by Ducati which went  on to use in first motorcycle?
    Cucciolo means puppy.(Exhaust sounds like a Puppy)
2.Before becoming a motorcycles what was Ducati Making off?
   Radio Parts
3.Head Quarters of Ducati?
4."The specific purpose of the desmodromic system is to force the valves to comply with the timing diagram as consistently as possible. In this way, any lost energy is negligible, the performance curves are more uniform and dependability is better",Who  said it?
   Fabio Taglioni (Famous designer of Ducati)
5.What is the businuss model in which Ducati shares 10% of its revenue ?
  "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" ,Ducati Corse (Racing Company)
6.Who is taking Ducati in MotoGP 2011?
   Valentino Rossi (9  time world Champion)
7.What is the bike's Name Ducati released to honour Mike Hailwood ?
   The MH900e was a low-production bike. The name means Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione
8.Who is sponsering Ducati in 2010 SBK(Super bike World Championship
9 What is Ducati model displayed  in movie Tron legecy?
   Ducati Sportclassic Sport 1000
What was the name of Fabio Taglionis first bike, which was named after a Catholic celebration?
   Marianna--so nicknamed because Taglioni's 1955 design was approved for production during the Catholic celebration of St. Mary