Nissan Motors

1. Which UK automobile company did Nissan partner with?
 2. Nissan’s prestigious cars, Skyline and Gloria, were developed in partnership with:
 3. Which company is referred to as the brother company of Nissan?
 4. Apart from manufacturing cars, Nissan once owned a:
 Mobile phone brand
 5. What was the name of Nissan’s luxury brand of cars?
 6. What was Nissan called before its current name?
7.Who is the current President and Co-chairman of Nissan?
Carlos Goshn
8.Nissan's which Engine has featured among 'Wards 10 best Engines for straight 14 years?
Nissan VQ Engines
9.What is the backronym for Nissan 'LEAF'?
Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car (LEAF)
10. What is the first battery Electric Vehicle of Nissan?
Nissan Altra