Anatomy of a Car

Any time thought of car as a human body..??
Well i went through a analogy of both..and found some intesting facts..just jotting some of those..
No big simlarities but deep dive analysis on both was quite interesting.
A human body is one of the complex system having a structure. A car is made of BIW (Body in White) which forms the basic structure  similar to skelton to a human body

 Human heart is a part usually coined with guts of Man in many literature  as we see an automobile Engine takes Bip-Bip pulse.Various parts added to the body of a car can be considered as flesh and marrow..Human body reacts to various  reflex acts through the nervous system a similar way the Harness forms an integral part for communication  system in the automobile. Eyes of human  and headlamps of a car resembles in its physical appearance and similarity in operation.

If eat food we utilise it run  our body and fuel is used in a similar way.Exhaust system resembles ...I leave it your imagination..Well though there are similarities one part make both distinctive the ‘Brain’which is unique for a human body which is the reason for thoughts, imotions and the response of a Human being.Modern Automobiles are getting into the similar style..which is matched by various ECU’s. Movies like Transformers and Cars has tried their best to get into a  'human/oid' character I belive days are not far  Cars without drivers taking full control of your journey linked with GPS system conquring the Trasporting horizons..

Some Good Images from showing the Anatomy of an automobile
Anatomy of an automobile - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2011 - All rights reserved. Anatomy of an automobile
Anatomy of an automobile - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2011 - All rights reserved.
Some other Analogy which i came across
Kidney can be compared to Catalytic Converter
Paint =skin in human body
Digestive system= Combustion Chamber.