Automotive Glasses

I am getting too technical these dayz,picked up this theme while on the way to Mahindra chakan,saw the glass got deformed in the car and the shattered pebbles..did some googling and the results follows.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is produced by bonding layers of glass together under pressure and heat with a resin called PVB(Polyvinyl Butyral).This technique is used to create single sheets of glass with multiple layers.The PVB keeps the glass from breaking apart easily and provides high sound insolution.Laminated glass will felx before shattering.They are strong but not as strong as tempered glass.Also laminated glass blocks nearly 99% of ultraviolet light transmission.Usually used as windshiled glass in which the glass is not broken but deform when an impact happens

Laminated glass was invented in 1903 by the French chemist Edouard Benedictus

Toughned/Tempered Glass

These are very strong glasses which behaves like castiron, easily breakable into a number of pieces.These usually leaves the traces in any accident spot ( Hopes u have seen it many times).Comparing the strength these are many times stroger than the laminated glass but brittle in nature.Chemical and thermal processing are done to get these properties.Cost of these glass are less compared to laminated ones owing to the manufacturing process.Mostly these glass finds space in the Window ,tailgate and qtr glasses.