Osho . The Rolls Royce Guru

Osho  otherwise called ‘Rolls Royce Guru’ was an Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher who owned a number of Rolls Royce’s mostly presented to him by his wealthy followers. He once said “I am the poorest man in the whole world, living the richest life possible.”  And all the Rolls were belonged to the Commune and he never owned one.

Ohso’s Collection of Rolls Royce’s

 Total of 93 Rolls( Some websites claiming 96) were used for his daily commutation each one different every day and was once owner of maximum no of Rolls Royce’s . And his followers were planning to get 365 Rolls one for every day. Acording to OSHO the best Rolls Royce is Corniche and it does not suit him.He was selective to Silver Spur Model due to its special seat design as it gave enough support for his back.(Folks I want to try that seat really J).

The Black Kimono Rolls Royce, Only one of its kind, an artpiece automobile was part of the Osho’s famous collection of 93 Rolls Royce's. The Black Kimono Rolls Royce Silver Spur 
is inspired by the Japanese Kimono patterns of Itchiku Kubota in "Opulence". The body of the car is psychedelic in color, inspired by the kimonos and the transparent acrylic colors overlap base-tinted hues, to give depth to the car's surface, an effect similar to light passing through silk.

Black Kimono Rolls Royce