Soybean Car!! Is it Possible for a 100% Recyclable car?

“I will grow Automobile from Soil” said Henry Ford and the result ‘The Soybean Car’ though it didn’t go to production it seems a novel concept even now. Idea was to make plastic car made from soybeans.

Construction :
The frame, made of tubular steel, had 14 plastic panels attached to it. The car weighed 2000 lbs., 1000 lbs. lighter than a steel car. The exact ingredients of the plastic panels are unknown because no record of the formula exists today. One article claims that they were made from a chemical formula that, among many other ingredients, included soybeans, wheat, hemp, flax and ramie; while the man who was instrumental in creating the car, Lowell E. Overly, claims it was "…soybean fiber in a phenolic resin with formaldehyde used in the impregnation" .(

The Soybean Concept Car

Well quite difficult to digest to many if the same experiment was successful it could reduce a lot of metals and plasticizers which goes inside the vehicle and is 100% recyclable. Today’s recycling standards for automobile states that most cars can be recycled up to approximately 75% and 25 remains as residues.
Volvo Cars claims that all new cars are recyclable Up to 85 % and recoverable up to 95%. It’s a good move (if true) to have maximum recyclable parts in the car to boost the sales as it is inclined to less pollution and carbon footprint.
ASR (Automotive shredder residues) often contains hazardous substances such as leadcadmium, and PCB. Therefore, some countries have classified ASR as hazardous waste and have established legislative controls.

So the Quest remains!!

Will we see a 100% recyclable car in near future!!