Bla Bla Car- Will you Share Your Car?

Bla Bla Car  offers City to City ride sharing through its Apps/Website. France based company started its operation in India. Bla Bla Car is a hit in European Countries and is Looking India as its Next Market. It works similar to the Car Pool Scheme. See How the Scheme Works

1.                   Anybody wish to use the ride sharing should have a Facebook account with real Photo,Name etc and should have the Bla Bla Car App/Web access.

2.                 If you are driving the car for City to City ride ,You can post your Travel Info such as timing, Vehicle details, Timing ,expense etc. in the App/Web.

3.                 For anybody with criteria No 1 can search the travel time and seats available and can book the seats in the above said cars for agreed amount with the car Owner

4.                 After Travel both Person can give a star rating which will reflect in their account and further anybody can use it for reliability.

Pros :

i)                  Cost of Travel is Cheap.!!
ii)                Good companionship which makes travel enjoyable and engaged.
iii)    Able to travel in Premium Vehicles! -Well I traveled in AUDI’s and BMW’s

Cons :

i)                   Chances of Delay in Travel times.
ii)                 Travels can be canceled anytime by the Car Owner.
iii)             Cost of travel will only be comparable it have Train Routes.

Now the scheme is a huge hit in European Countries. I have travelled from Germany to France and Germany to Switzerland. The scheme found to be effective if you have no deadlines as some times the vehicle you can get cancelled or delayed. Same is very cost effective in countries like Germany as the Rail/Flight cost is very high which is different for India. I was able to travel in BMW’s and Audi which is a common man’s car in Germany J. I don’t think same will work in India. Whatever Welcome Bla Bla Car to Incredible India.