World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet! That’s what Skully AR-1 Claims.  Looks Trendy and Stylish and fits for any type of Bikers

Skully AR-1 is an attempt to adopt the latest technologies found in the modern Automotive Technology to enhance the safety. It is sure that the biking is going to be more interesting with this gadget. Highlights of the Helmet’s first time in the Industry have been tweaked in the website as follows.

HUD can display vehicle telemetry such as speed, gear, tachometer depending on the Bike communication protocol. The display shows a rear view camera feed with a near 180 degree viewing angle. It helps to avoid the normal Blind spot while doing the biking.Same has been positioned outside the primary view of the driver and is transparent (Slight change in view is required to see the side views.
The best package is in the GPS navigation which works without any assist device such as mobile or something. This feature will enhance for those who doing long touring and venturing of untraveled locations. If you are Looking for a trial the Helmet will be available b on May-June 2015.
A Camera is provided on the rear similar to cars but provide a blind zone free view while driving. It will help a lot while overtaking and when you take turns. No information provided on abbreviation of AR- I guess something related to Artificial Intelligence could be the one. 

Bla Bla Car! Yes they are here. We will have the next blog on my travel experience in France & Germany on Bla Bla Car which recently started the India Operations.